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Ad Council “Kids’ Healthy Mouths Campaign” Update: More Parents Report Healthy Tooth Brushing Habits After First Year!

Message from the American Dental AssociationI am delighted to share a first look at our new PSAs for the Kids’ Healthy Mouths campaign that we developed with the Ad Council and the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives. The campaign, which first launched in August 2012, is a groundbreaking multimedia effort that aims to educate parents and caregivers about the importance of a healthy mouth and motivate them to modify their children’s behaviors through simple, low-cost, preventive strategies. We’re primarily aiming to reach parents and caregivers of children 0-12 years of age, with an emphasis on low income and minority parents and caregivers.

As you will see, the humorous PSAs aim to show parents that spending just two minutes, twice a day making sure their children brush could help save them from a lifetime of tooth pain. The PSAs feature parents trying–and struggling–to squeeze parenting lessons into such a short time frame. These scenes suggest that while most parenting is hard, making sure your kids brush for two minutes, twice a day is one aspect that’s easier. Parents are directed to where they can find fun two minute videos that kids can watch while brushing as well as additional information on oral health. Campaign PSAs cover a variety of media outlets, including TV, radio, print, Web and social media.

Dental decay is the most common chronic disease of childhood and the mouth is the gateway to a person’s overall health. Together, we can all work to help consumers live healthier lives.

Below is a link to the press release, which will give you more information and a preview of the PSAs.

To help support the effort, visit the online toolkit, which has a number of helpful resources including social media posts and shareable content.

In addition, please encourage parents to download the Toothsavers mobile game app and register for a free text messaging program by texting BRUSH to 97779.

And please share this news with your friends and colleagues.

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Maxine<br /> Feinberg, D.D.S.
Maxine Feinberg, D.D.S.